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American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 2012 Statistics!

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery just released the 2012 Statistics on Cosmetic Surgery!

- There were over 10 million surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures performed in the United States in 2012. Surgical procedures accounted for 17% of the total number of procedures and 61% of the total expenditures, with nonsurgical procedures making up 83% of the total number of procedures and 39% of total expenditures.

- From 2011-2012, there was a 3.1% increase in the total number of cosmetic surgical procedures, with almost 1.7 million surgical procedures performed this past year.

- The most popular surgical procedure in 2012 was breast augmentation. In 2006, 383,886 breast augmentation procedures were performed and of those 81% used saline implants and 19% used silicone. In 2012, 330,631 breast augmentation procedures were performed and of those only 28% used saline implants and 72% used silicone.

- Since 1997, there has been almost a 250% increase in the total number of cosmetic procedures. Surgical procedures increased by more than 80%, and nonsurgical procedures increased by 461%.

- The top five cosmetic surgical procedures in 2012 were: breast augmentation (330,631 procedures); liposuction (313,011 procedures); abdominoplasty (156,508 procedures); blepharoplasty (153,171 procedures); rhinoplasty (143,801 procedures).

- The top five nonsurgical cosmetic procedures in 2012 were: Botulinum Toxin Type A (3,257,913 procedures); hyaluronic acid (1,423,705 procedures); laser hair removal (883,893 procedures); microdermabrasion (498,821 procedures); chemical peel (443,824 procedures).

- Women had more than 9.1 million cosmetic procedures, 90% of the total. The number of cosmetic procedures for women increased over 252% from 1997.

- Men had almost 1 million cosmetic procedures, 10% of the total. The number of cosmetic procedures for men increased over 106% from 1997.

- The top five surgical procedures for men were: liposuction, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, breast reduction to treat enlarged male breast, and otoplasty (ear surgery).

- Americans spent almost $11 billion on cosmetic procedures in 2012. Of that total $6.7 billion was spent on surgical procedures; $2 billion was spent on injectables procedures; $1.8 billion was spent on skin rejuvenation procedures; and over $483 million was spent on other nonsurgical procedures, including laser hair removal and laser treatment of leg veins.

- People age 35-50 had the most procedures – over 4 million and 43% of the total. People age 51-64 had 29%; age 19-34 had 19% of procedures; age 65 and over had 8 %; and age 18 and younger had 1%.

- The most common surgical procedure for people age 35-50 was lipoplasty; for people age 51-64 it was blepharoplasty; for people age 19-34 it was breast augmentation; for people age 65 and over it was facelifts. For all four of these age categories the most popular nonsurgical procedure was injections of Botulinum Toxin Type A.

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