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Not all patients need a brow lift. Their eyebrow position, relative to their bony orbital anatomy and their upper eyelids, remains in a good position for most of their life. However, for many people drooping of the eyebrows can contribute to the overall appearance of facial aging.

The main areas of concern, associated with the aging of the forehead and brow are:

1) lines across the forehead

2) vertical lines between the inner portion of the eyebrows

3) sagging of the skin on the upper portion of the nose

4) heaviness of the eyebrow 

Additional Information

Which contributes to the heaviness of the upper eyelids and especially sagging of the outer corner of the upper eyelid. Just as with face lifting, there are several techniques for correcting eyebrow position. The specific technique used depends on the problem that needs to be corrected.  It is important that the patient and Dr. Aston discuss exactly the brow position and contour that the patient wishes to achieve, at the end of the surgical procedure. Just as with the facelift, the correct procedure must be used to correct an individual patients area of concern.

Surgical Technique

A traditional forehead lift involves an incision that extends across the top of the head. This is a very powerful technique that lifts brows, which are extremely low, and corrects deep transverse creases across the forehead. 

Most often today New York Brow Lift Surgeon, Dr. Aston lifts the forehead with an endoscopic browlift, which permits repositioning the eyebrows to a desired position and contour, using only 4 or 5 small incisions which are each approximately ½ inch long hidden in the hair. This is an excellent procedure for the appropriate patient. 

When there is sagging of the lateral portion of the forehead contributing to the heaviness of the lateral portion of the upper eyelids,  a small incision inside the hair approximately ¾ inch long can be used to reposition the brow. This is called a lateral brow lift.

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