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Cheek implants are most useful for individuals who lack adequate prominence of the cheek bones related to the way that their facial architecture developed. Prominence in the cheekbone area is a very attractive feature for men and woman. Fat injections or filler substances can be used to increase cheekbone contour but in general those results are temporary.

Silicone Cheek Implants

Which are placed through a small incision inside the mouth, can produce excellent cheek contour and the results will be permanent. In some patients the cheekbones are asymmetrical and Dr. Aston carves the cheek implants individually to correct the asymmetry.

Additional Information

In general, at an earlier stage in one’s life the cheek contour is wider across the upper face in the cheekbone area and narrower along the jawline.  With the aging process the decent of the soft tissues produces a thickness along the side of the nose and mouth, called the nasolabial fold, and widening along the jaw line producing jowls and the cheekbone area becomes less prominent.

It is Dr. Aston’s opinion that loss of cheekbone prominence, that is part of the aging process due to the decent of the facial soft tissues, should not be corrected with cheek implants. Instead, the patient will get a much more natural result and will have their cheek contour restored to a more youthful appearance with a proper facelift procedure.

Surgical Technique

When the patient is a candidate for cheek implants the procedure takes approximately 1 hour and is performed under local anesthesia and intravenous sedation. Like all other procedures the amount of swelling associated with cheek implants varies from person to person, but in general many patients return to regular activity within a few days. 

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