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The primary concern of many patients is the appearance of aging in their necks. This is especially true in males. Loose skin, sagging muscles and fat deposits in the neck may be present even when the remainder of the face and jawline shows less signs of aging.

There are several ways to correct the neck. This procedure may be done independently or in conjunction with a facelift. Dr. Aston examines each individual and determines the best technique to give the correction the patient desires, according to his or her anatomy.

In some cases this can be done with liposuction alone. For some patients, the neck can be corrected with an incision that is limited to the skin crease under the chin. Other patients may require an incision hidden behind the ear, in order to correct significant skin laxity on the neck.

The policy of our office is to preserve patient confidentiality. During your consultation, you will be able to view pre-operative and post-operative photographs of patients who have given us permission to show their photographs.

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