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Manhattan NYC Woman Looks Years Younger After Facelift, Upper Eyelid Surgery

Procedure Details

We love the way our patient looks after having cosmetic facial surgery with Dr. Aston. To improve the appearance of aging skin, facial sagging, and droopy eyelids, Dr. Aston used a combination of procedures to create a more awakened appearance. He performed brow lift surgery as well as upper eyelid (blepharoplasty) surgery to give her a more "alert" look, while at the same time providing a softer glow. Eyelid surgery combined with the brow lift essentially took away the "mad" or "tired" appearance. Dr. Aston also performed facelift surgery, which dramatically improved facial wrinkles, sagging, and lines throughout the mid face. Using the SMAS technique, which goes deeper within the muscular tissue, he was able to also manipulate the muscles within the neck, so that her lower face appears tighter and more contoured. As you can see from the photos below, cosmetic facial surgery created a terrific outcome for our patient. She looks and feels younger and loves her results!


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