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Manhattan NYC Woman Has Facelift, Eyelid Fat Grafting, and Chin Implant

Procedure Details

This 59-year old patient desired facial rejuvenation and consulted with Dr. Aston to help improve facial wrinkles and a drooping neck that made her profile look aged and saggy. Dr. Aston combined several techniques to give our patient a flawless, natural look that she is very happy with. Her procedure plan included a facelift of several variations. First, a lateral platysma lift was performed, which addresses all of the loose skin in the lower face and neck. Using the deep plane approach, the underlying tissue was pulled up, and tightened, leaving an incision that is almost unnoticeable once healed. This lift, also known as an SMAS plication, helped to reposition fat and tissue to the upper cheek area and give volume under the cheek bones. Finally, to complete the look of the lower face and create proportion, Dr. Aston inserted a small chin implant to help enhance the jawline contour. Chin augmentation surgery, combined with the neck lift gave our patient an awesome outcome. To address the area under the eyes, Dr. Aston felt an autologous (natural) fat transfer would correct the hollows and wrinkles instead of surgery. He took fat from one area of the body, and gently inserted it under the eyelid for a smooth look. You can see from her photos that this combination of facial rejuvenation completely redefined her profile, and took years off of her appearance.



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