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Manhattan NYC Girl Has Closed Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant Surgery. Beautiful!

Procedure Details

New York City cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Sherrell Aston, is known for creating gorgeous results with rhinoplasty surgery. This 22-yr old NYC girl desired to have a smaller appearing nose, because she felt her tip was too wide. Dr. Aston performed closed rhinoplasty surgery to solve this issue. During surgery, the nose was reshaped to look smaller and more proportionate with the rest of the face. Because our patient had short nasal bone structures, Dr. Aston used a graft to help support the top of the nose. The new shape also helped to improve the length and appearance of the nasolabial area. In addition to rhinoplasty, Dr. Aston completed the transformation by inserting a medium chin implant. This helped to bring the nose and chin into better proportion. Rhinoplasty combined with chin augmentation surgery gave our patient a natural, gorgeous look that she is very pleased with!



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