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Manhattan NYC Girl Has Rhinoplasty Surgery To Reshape and Straighten Nose

Procedure Details

While young and naturally beautiful, this patient had always disliked the size and shape of her nose. Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrell Aston talked to her about her needs and concerns before creating her individual closed rhinoplasty treatment plan to reach her cosmetic goals. To balance her face, Dr. Aston shaped the slope of the nose and decreased the width of the tip and base of the nose. While the changes were subtle, the patient was thrilled with her straighter, smaller nose and overall appearance. The width reduction and reshaping elongated her profile and made her chin appear stronger. Like in this case, Dr. Aston proves that a careful eye and artful shaping can turn minor tweaks into a major improvement for a very satisfied patient.

Subtle Changes, Big Results

With an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Sherrell Aston in New York City, small changes can be identified and corrected during a rhinoplasty to create dramatic improvements. Dr. Aston considers the symmetry and balance of the face when performing nose reshaping plastic surgery. If you have any concerns about the shape and size of your nose, please make a consultation with Dr. Aston at his Manhattan office to learn more about your options and potential results.



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