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Male breast reduction surgery is a common cosmetic procedure for men who have gynecomastia. This is a condition that causes the breast area to be much larger than desirable for most men. Often the condition starts during puberty and lasts into adulthood. In some cases, it is caused by hormonal imbalances and for other it's just a genetic trait. Men who have gynecomastia are often embarrassed when their chests are exposed. Diet and exercise will not correct the problem. For most patients, Dr. Aston can reshape the chest and perform breast reduction using liposuction. In rare individuals, some removal of skin may be necessary. If that is your situation, Dr. Aston will discuss with you carefully the scars that will result. In some patients, a mammogram is required prior to the surgical procedure. 

Surgical Technique

A preoperative medical evaluation will be required depending on the specifics of your case. Mild cases of gynecomastia are corrected with liposuction. Small incisions are made surrounding the areola where suction tubes (cannulas) are inserted to extract fat and breast tissues. When the enlargement is severe, a longer incision is required to excise breast tissues and loose skin. The nipples are repositioned so that they are proportional to the new chest shape. Only a small percentage of gynecomastia procedures require skin excision. 

During/After Surgery

Male breast reduction surgery can be performed using general anesthesia and intravenous sedation with local anesthesia. The procedure will take 1.5 hours depending on the amount of fat that must be removed. It is normal to have bruising and swelling around the chest area for 2 – 3 weeks. Dr. Aston may put a drain through the small incisions that are used for liposuction in order to remove any fluid from the chest. Dr. Aston does not have his patients wear a compression garment. The day following surgery, one can be up and out in their community. Usually patients can return to the gym 2 weeks following surgery.

Is This Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia technically refers to increase in breast tissue. Pseudogynecomastia refers to fat deposits instead of breast tissue. The liposuction procedure described above is easier to perform when the fullness is primarily fat. Most people refer to gynecomastia whenever there is fullness in the male chest area regardless whether if it is fat or breast tissue. 

Will There Be Scars?

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