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Chin Augmentation in New York City, NY

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Chin implants help improve the appearance of a weak chin, achieving a harmonious balance to the facial features and enhancing the facial profile. New York chin augmentation surgeon, Dr. Aston, uses soft silicone chin implants exclusively and they can be customized to the patient’s anatomy. It is not unusual for a chin to be stronger on one size than the other. By customizing the implant, greater chin symmetry is achieved.

Chin implants are often performed in conjunction with rhinoplasty to achieve a more satisfying facial proportions. Dr. Aston feels that in many patients a chin implant is more important than the rhinoplasty in producing an overall balanced and pleasing appearance.


Dr. Aston places all chin implants through a small incision made in the skin crease under the chin. The implant is placed on the surface of the bone and the "pocket" created for the chin implant is exactly the size of the implant, making it impossible to move out of the desired position. Some surgeons utilize an incision inside the mouth, but Dr. Aston feels that this unnecessarily exposes the implant to bacteria, and the implant can not be secured in the desired position as well as when it placed though a small incision under the chin.

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Frequently Dr. Aston performs this procure in conjunction with a facelift. Likewise patients with a weak chin frequently benefit from a chin implant at the time of a facelift. Of course, chin implants are performed as a standalone procedure to give a better jawline in individuals with a weak chin and jawline. Chin implants provide a permanent, natural-looking solution for patients unhappy with the appearance of their chin and overall balance of their facial features.


A chin implant procedure takes less than an hour to perform, and it usually associated with a few days of swelling and minimal bruising. There is some discomfort which is treated with mild analgesics such as Tylenol. Dr. Aston permits his patients to resume their normal diet the day following surgery.

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