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Dr. Aston On The Radio

Dr. Aston hosts The Plastic Surgery Show on Doctor Radio broadcast by Sirius XM Satellite Radio channel 110, powered by New York University Langone Medical Center.

You can call in your questions to Dr. Aston during his Plastic Surgery Show on Sirius XM 110 on Tuesday evenings from 6pm – 8pm EST at 1-877-NYU-DOCS or 1-877-698-3627 or email your questions in advance by clicking here.



01/8/2019 New Year, New You: Updates on the Best Cosmetic Techniques for 2019
02/12/2019 Latest Advances in Aesthetic Surgery Procedures
03/12/2019 Plan Now and Be Ready for the Beach
04/9/2019 Teenage Rhinoplasty
05/14/2019 Rejuvenating and Sculpting the Face
06/11/2019 Facial Rejuvenation and Rhinoplasty
07/9/2019 Facial Rejuvenation: Non-Invasive, Minimally Invasive & Surgical Techniques
08/6/2019 Rhinoplasty & Facial Rejuvenation: What You Need to Know
09/10/2019 New Technology and Techniques for Facial and Body Rejuvenation
10/8/2019 Modern Anesthesia for Cosmetic Surgery / Advanced Techniques to Get You Ready for the Rapidly Approaching Holidays


01/09/2018 New Year, New You: A Spotlight on the Best New Plastic Surgery Techniques
02/13/2018 Plastic Surgery's Best Techniques and Procedures
03/13/2018 Procedures to Get You Ready for the Beach
04/17/2018 2018 Hot Topics in Plastic Surgery
05/08/2018 New Techniques to Get You Ready for the Beach
06/12/2018 New Aesthetic Surgery Techniques
07/10/2018 Plastic Surgery Techniques for Your Best Beach Body
08/14/2018 Rhinoplasty for Teens & Adults: What You Need To Know
09/11/2018 Facial Rejuvenation: Non-Invasive, Minimally Invasive & Surgical Techniques
10/9/2018 Everything You Need to Know About Face & Neck Rejuvenation
11/13/2018 New Procedures & Techniques That Will Leave You Feeling Thankful
12/11/2018 Procedures to Help You Look Great for the Holiday


01/10/2017 New Year, New You

Procedures to Look Good for Your Valentine

03/14/2017 New Year, New You (replay)
04/11/2017 Plan Now: Look Great at the Beach
05/09/2017 Gold Standard Techniques for Rejuvenating and Sculpting the Face, Breasts & Body
06/13/2017 Plastic Surgery Myths & Truths (replay)
07/11/2017 Techniques to Improve Your Beach Body
08/08/2017 New Technology for Facial Rejuventation
09/12/2017 How to Pick Your Plastic Surgeon
10/10/2017 Plan Now For Your Holiday Look
11/14/2017 Techniques We Are Thankful For...
12/05/2017 Procedures to Make You Look Great For the Holidays


01/12/2016 New Year, New You
02/09/2016 Look Your Best by Valentines: Non-Surgical Treatments
03/08/2016 Plan Now: Look Great at the Beach
04/12/2016 The Gold Standard: Cosmetic Plastic Surgery
05/10/2016 Modern Anesthesia for Cosmetic Surgery
06/14/2016 Techniques to Get You Ready for the Beach
07/12/2016 Rhinoplasty - Teens & Adults
08/09/2016 Plastic Surgery Myths & Truths
09/13/2016 Surgery! The Gold Standard for Face Rejuvenation
10/11/2016 Plan Now for Your Holiday Look
11/08/2016 The Gold Standard
12/06/2016 How To Get Your Best Holiday Look


01/13/2015 New Year, New You
02/10/2015 Facial & Body Rejuvenation: State of the Art 2015
03/10/2015 Plastic Surgery Facts and Fiction
04/07/2015 Plan Now: Look Great at the Beach
05/12/2015 Non-Invasive, Minimally Invasive & Surgical ways to get your Beach Body
06/23/2015 Men, Plastic Surgery, Fillers & Botox
07/14/2015 Teen Cosmetic Surgery: Rhinoplasty and More
08/11/2015 When to Transition from Non-Surgical to Surgical: Facial and Body Rejuvenation
09/08/2015 Plan Now For Your Holiday Look
10/14/2015 Plastic Surgery: New Hot Topics
11/10/2015 Procedures to Make You Thankful For Your Appearance
12/08/2015 Looking Your Best for the Holiday


01/14/2014 Plastic Surgery New Year's Resolutions
02/11/2014 Facial & Body Rejuvenation: State of The Art 2014
03/11/2014 Cosmetic Procedures to Get You a Beach Body
04/08/2014 Cosmetic & Functional Nasal Surgery
05/27/2014 Non-Invasive, Minimally Invasive & Surgical Techniques for a Bikini Body
06/10/2014 Facial & Body Rejuvenation: State of the Art 2014
07/15/2014 How to have your best summer face and body
08/12/2014 When to Transition From Non-Surgical to Surgical for Face and Body Rejuvenation.
09/23/2014 Looking Your Best for the Holiday's: Plan Now
10/14/2014 When to Transition from Non-Surgical to Surgical for Face and Body Rejuvenation.
11/11/2014 Techniques to make you thankful for your appearance
12/09/2014 How to get your best holiday look


01/08/2013 New Year, New You!
02/12/2013 Facial Rejuvenation: State of the Art 2013
03/12/2013 Cosmetic Procedures To Get You Ready For The Beach
04/09/2013 Teenage Plastic Surgery
05/14/2013 Newest Techniques for a Bikini Body
07/09/2013 Protecting & Rejuvenating Your Face & Body.
08/13/2013 Minimally Invasive Face & Body Rejuvenation
09/10/2013 Plan Now: Look Great For The Holiday's
10/08/2013 Non-Invasive, Minimally Invasive and Surgical Face and Body Rejuvenation
11/05/2013 Plastic Surgery Facts & Fiction
12/10/2013 Your Best Holiday Look


01/10/2012 Ring in the New Year with a New You!
02/14/2012 Special Valentine's Day Show
03/13/2012 The Newest Techniques in Plastic Surgery, But Do They Work?
04/10/2012 When to Transition from Non-Surgical to Surgical Facial Rejuvenation
05/08/2012 Teenage Plastic Surgery
06/12/2012 Best Summer Body
07/10/2012 Plastic Surgery Hot Topics 2012
08/14/2012 Minimally Invasive & Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures
09/11/2012 Plan Now. Look Great for the Holiday’s
10/09/2012 Will Minimally Invasive Technology Replace Traditional Surgery?
11/13/2012 Teenage Holiday Surgery
12/11/2012 Holiday Plastic Surgery


01/11/2011 New Year, New You
02/08/2011 How To Wisely Select Your Plastic Surgeon
03/01/2011 Non-Invasive Plastic Surgery: Fact or Fiction?
04/12/2011 The Stock Market and Cosmetic Surgery Both on the Rise
05/10/2011 6 Weeks to a Bikini Body
06/14/2011 Men's Health and Cosmetic Surgery
07/12/2011 Summer Surgery and Medical Tourism
08/09/2011 Plastic Surgery: What you can do now and be healed by Labor Day!
09/13/2011 Facial Rejuvenation: State of the Art 2011
10/11/2011 Minimally Invasive Body Contouring
11/08/2011 The Cutting Edge in Cosmetic Surgery
12/13/2011 Holiday Makeovers!


01/12/2010 New Year, New You
02/09/2010 Motivations & Psychological Implications of Cosmetic Surgery
03/16/2010 Plastic Surgery Fact and Fiction
03/30/2010 Cosmetic Surgery Spring 2010
04/13/2010 Plastic Surgery: Controversies and Realities
05/25/2010 Cosmetic Procedures To Get You Ready For Summer
06/08/2010 Summer Surgery Makeovers
07/13/2010 The Cutting Edge
08/10/2010 Cosmetic Plastic Surgery - State of the Art
09/07/2010 Stem Cell Facelifts
10/19/2010 Teenage Holiday Surgery
11/09/2010 Cosmetic Surgery Rejuvenated
12/14/2010 Holiday Plastic Surgery


12/08/2009 Holiday Plastic Surgery & Teenage Rhinoplasty
11/10/2009 Plastic Surgery Myths IV
10/20/2009 Plastic Surgery Myths III
09/08/2009 Plastic Surgery Myths II
08/18/2009 Plastic Surgery Myths
07/21/2009 Techniques for Facial Rejuvenation
06/30/2009 Cosmetic Breast Surgery
06/16/2009 Cosmetic Surgery for Men
06/06/2009 Teenage Plastic Surgery
05/26/2009 New Surgical Techniques for the Aging Face
03/24/2009 Advances in Rhinoplasty
03/17/2009 Breast Augmentation
02/10/2009 New Trends in Male Plastic Surgery
01/13/2009 Cosmetic Surgery Through the Ages


12/02/2008 Lift for the Holidays
09/30/2008 Male Plastic Surgery
09/16/2008 Facelift vs. Injectables
08/26/2008 The Aging Nose - Rhinoplasty
07/15/2008 Teens and Plastic Surgery
06/17/2008 Liposuction & Body Contouring
06/03/2008 Cosmetic Breast Surgery

The Aging Face

Dr. Aston hosted a 6 hour Plastic Surgery Special on 11/22/08 featuring some of the world's most experienced plastic surgeons covering all aspects of cosmetic surgery.

11/22/2008 The Aging Face
11/22/2008 The Aging Face II
11/22/2008 Cosmetic Breast Surgery
11/22/2008 Body Contouring
11/22/2008 Rhinoplasty
11/22/2008 Injectables & Lasers