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Manhattan NYC Female Has Closed Rhinoplasty To Correct Hook Nose

Procedure Details

New York City cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Sherrell Aston, is known for his beautiful results in nose surgery. This 28-Year old female came to our Manhattan office because she desired to have a softer, smaller nose. The aspects of her nose that she did not care for including the "hook nose" appearance, and a nasal tip that was curved and too long. Dr. Aston corrected this wide bulbous tip with alan cartilage delivery, as well as a strut graft to prevent a plunging tip when smiling. This technique created a contoured nose shape that is softer, smaller in length, and feminine looking. The side views show how incredible the difference is. Closed rhinoplasty can correct numerous types of nose deformities, imperfections, and nasal issues. See the results below and call our office to learn more about the latest rhinoplasty techniques used today!

Closed Rhinoplasty Success!

Closed rhinoplasty using a graft can create dramatic results for men and women, just like it did for our beautiful patient. Whether you have a nose you feel is too wide, too long, "hooked" or "crooked", there are numerous techniques that can be considered to give you the softer look you desire. Call New York rhinoplasty specialist, Dr. Sherrell Aston today to learn more!



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