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Meet Dr. Sherrell Aston

Meet Dr. Sherrell Aston


I'm Sherrel Aston, I'm a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. But I'm actually double boarded in general surgery and plastic surgery. 

Well, aesthetic surgery is part art and part science. My mother was an artist but I knew at age six, I wanted to be a surgeon. First, I want to hear their concerns. And I say to people, "Show me what's bothering you." I hand them a mirror. If it's a facelift patient, I let them go through everything that they see in the mirror. The things about aesthetic surgery that really make me happy are number one, making people happy with the results that we can achieve. One of the things for me personally is that, after the thousands and thousands of operations that I've performed. And I'm really excited every day to come to the office to see my patients and perform the surgical procedures. We have some very long days, we work very hard. But, every morning when I get up and head to the office, I'm excited about what it is I'm going to do that day.