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Breast Augmentation FAQs

What are the consequences and changes on the breast after breast augmentation?

Following breast augmentation, the breast will continue to age just as they would normally age. There is no evidence of breast implants that cause cancer or any other breast disease.

One can breast feed following most breast augmentations if one is in the breastfeeding age range.

Mammograms require special x-ray views in order for the radiologist to get the maximum visualization of the breast tissue. This is a normal process for most radiologists performing mammograms, as there are millions of women with breast implants.

Fibrous capsular contracture is a possibility following breast augmentation, although the incidence is very low with the silicone gel implants and saline breast implants that are used today.

It's appropriate that the breast implants be an appropriate size for the individual's body frame and their breast tissue. Excessively large implants can cause thinning and distortion of the breast tissue.

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