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A Neck Lift May Be Effective In The Anti-Aging Fight

There are three areas that can instantly age a person their eyes, lips, and neck. And while many people focus on facial features when it comes to deciding which surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedures to consider, Dr. Aston says focusing on the neck is crucial.

The front of the neck is one of the primary features we use to guess a person’s age. It often catches our eye first. Sagging neck skin is the telltale sign of true aging, so restoration of the neck is an important part of facial rejuvenation or facial plastic surgery.

Banding, wrinkling, and fullness of the neck are among the things that make one's neck appear old. Each case must be considered independently to determine which method can result in a younger-looking neck area.

The key is to identify the underlying problem. Is it wrinkles, or is it only deep lines that bother the patient? Maybe it's just sagging skin, but not wrinkles. Perhaps the problem is both the skin and fat. Or, it could be all three: skin, fat, and muscle.

Some muscle cords in the neck can be treated with Botox, excess fat in the neck can be removed with liposuction and loose skin can possibly be tightened using radiofrequency or pulsed light skin tightening. In some cases, all three procedures may be utilized or a plastic surgeon will focus on improving the neck area during facelift surgery.

If you properly correct the sagging neck in facial rejuvenation such as a face lift, that is the key to a youthful face and a happy patient, and is consistent with most patients desired outcome.

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