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In-Office Rhinoplasty - Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty in NYC

Q: How effective is in-office rhinoplasty and how long does it last? Do boys have to wait until they are 25 to have this procedure?

A: You do not have to wait until you are 25 to have your nose done. I have done thousands of rhinoplasties on teenage boys and girls, and I’ve never seen a nose that grew after we have done a rhinoplasty, male or female. A true rhinoplasty is definitely not an exam-room type of procedure.

With hyaluronic acid injections in the nose (or ‘in-office rhinoplasty’), volume is being added, so you can change some of the natural contours. However, with the vast majority of the noses I see, the patient wants to have the tip reduced or the profile reduced a bit, so a traditional rhinoplasty would be your best bet. Today’s rhinoplasties are very sophisticated, architectural preserving procedures so that 25-30 years later the nose still looks good, and you can get rid of the features that the patient wants to change, making it a more aesthetically pleasing nose. In both males and females, our goal is to give a nose that is appropriate for their face.

We don’t want to leave the patient with a nose that’s scooped out, turned up or pinched in, but a nose that you can look at and you can’t tell the person had a surgical procedure – a nose that fits their face. I always perform Closed Rhinoplasty so there are no scars on the outside of the nose.

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