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Restoring Definition To The Neck and Jawline with A Neck Lift

A neck lift also known as platysmaplasty is the removal or tightening of neck muscles (platysma bands) to reduce sagging in the neck and jaw area. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Sherrell J. Aston, who is based in New York, explains neck rejuvenation treatment options noting that patients who are considering facelifts are in many cases also looking to correct the appearance of their slopping necks. “When vertical bands on the front of the neck with cords show up underneath the chin, they create a sagging appearance which troubles a great deal of patients,” explains Dr. Aston. “We can fix those bands with a combination of procedures that work on the neck muscles.” Patients who are born with an obtuse cervicomental angle (slopping neck) have a profile appearance in which the chin blends into the neck and are good candidates for this procedure. There are different neck lift (platysma) procedures that include a combination of reducing the fat in the neck and tightening the muscles. “We are able to contour the neck and the jawline producing results a traditional facelift was not able to thirty years ago,” notes Dr. Aston. “It’s not a matter of neck rejuvenation. For many people, we give them a better jawline than what they had in high school!” exclaims Dr. Aston.