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What is the Recovery Time Needed for Plastic Surgery - Facelift Recovery

Sherrell J. Aston, M.D. | 02/24/2021

Dr. Sherrell Aston discusses refined plastic surgery techniques and significantly faster recovery times to get your ready for life's big events.


Commonly Asked Questions About Plastic Surgery

Sherrell J. Aston, M.D. | 02/02/2021

Check out this comprehensive summary of questions regarding topics from facial plastic surgery to liposuction.


Plastic Surgery Trends in 2018

Sherrell J. Aston, M.D. | 05/29/2018

Cosmetic surgical procedures are on the rise according to the latest data provided by the the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).


Cosmetic Trends: Fads vs. Truths

Sherrell J. Aston, M.D. | 08/27/2017

Dr. Sherrell Aston discusses taking caution when hearing about the latest "too good to be true" cosmetic trends and fads in plastic surgery.


Why People Put Themselves Under The Knife

Sherrell J. Aston, M.D. | 05/24/2017

Read along as Dr. Sherrell Aston discusses psychologists that confirm the long-term positive effects on plastic surgery.


Check Out This Article From The Daily Mail Featuring Dr. Aston!

Sherrell J. Aston, M.D. | 05/09/2013

Read the latest article from The Daily Mail featuring Dr. Aston!


American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 2012 Statistics!

Sherrell J. Aston, M.D. | 03/13/2013

Read along as Dr. Sherrell Aston discusses The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 2012 Statistics on Cosmetic Surgery.


The Most Influential New Yorkers Of 2012

Sherrell J. Aston, M.D. | 10/23/2012

Check out The Avenue Magazine A-List including Dr. Sherrell Aston.


Generation X: Not What You Thought!

Sherrell J. Aston, M.D. | 11/30/2011

Dr. Sherrell Aston discusses Generation X and their surprising cosmetic procedure statistics.


A Plastic Surgeon's Evolution

Sherrell J. Aston, M.D. | 10/06/2011

Dr. Sherrell Aston discusses the importance of change and evolution of a plastic surgeon within the medical industry.


What To Give On Fathers Day? Plastic Surgery!

Sherrell J. Aston, M.D. | 06/20/2011

Dr. Sherrell Aston helps you find that perfect gift for your dad on Fathers Day.


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