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Reviews for Cheek Augmentation Procedures Near New York, NY

Dr. Aston has received awards from professional medical societies, has been named among New York Magazine's Best Beauty Docs, and is frequently featured in magazines such as Vogue and Allure. While we appreciate and feel honored to be recognized by those outside of our practice, the approval, happiness, and satisfaction of our patients is our priority. Dr. Aston has changed the lives of countless men and women, and we are happy to share a collection of their patient stories and patient reviews with you. We hope the feedback provided here helps you understand the kind of care you can anticipate from Dr. Aston and his staff.

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Review from J.R.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Mar 24, 2021

The lady that did the review about Dr Aston is completely out of her mind, Who on earth gets cheek implants at your age. I am from New York and I know Dr. Aston personally. He is the top plastic surgeon in the world.  Therefore please disregard the crazy person who wrote the negative review.Do not request cheek implants unless you are Cher.  Please. Plastic surgery looks as best as your body can handle it,  your body may reject causing cheek implants tol come out wrong. I am a Doctor and we understand plastic surgery better then anyone. More

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